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Course in Method Writing. Bo Skjoldborg. Free your writing proces and texts. Flow writing.Method Writing

– Write to empty the streets


Participating in this course you will learn to use Method Writing and other log book methods to strengthen you writing process when producing texts, treatments, loglines, manuscripts, dialogues, scenes, character descriptions etc. Method writing is the writing counterpart to Method Acting – the US version of Konstantin Stanislavski’s famous acting method.

Method Writing is characterised by two movement – inside-out and outside-in. During the course you will primarily practice the inside-out movement, to get a better, deeper and more nuanced grip on the scripts’, characters’ and movies’ different moods and emotions, including an authentic language and tone of voice.


Some of things you will learn are:

  • Method Writing – to create a stronger presence/intimacy in your projects, moods, voice and characters
  • to write from your own personas/parts and those of others
  • to write afdækkende dialoger, e.g. with your projects, persons, plot, environment or theme
  • to use point of view-switches – which strengthens you ability to create nuances and break with clichés
  • to use unsent letter – which creates a particular connection and empathy with your projects and characters (by letting the characters write, for example)
  • to add the right dose of you to the work – to ensure you are neither over powering nor invisible. 


How you do it

Using the Method Writing technique you will first localise a remembered and lived situation containing for example a basic emotion or archetype (happy, angry, in love, mad, rebel, Don Juan, dictator, madonna, creative child etc). Next step is writing non stop and autoimmersed about this specific and personally experienced situation, where you live out the position – for example about the time where you as a young rebel/warrior/person in love nearly left school because you went to a political meeting or a street festival in Berlin. Finally, you work on you professional project, manuscript, treatment or scene, where you try to maintain the athmosphere, tone of voice, viewpoint from your private text…to a completely different setting.

In brief, with “Method Writing – writing that will empty the streets”, you will get in touch with emotional layers and nuances in both you own personality, your characters, the plot and in you language. Layers which are otherwise easily drowned out by more conscious, calculated and practical considerations (e.g. karakterfunktionerne)


For whom

All kind of writers who are looking for more presence, intimacy and power in their writing – e.g. script writers, producers, directors, editors, planners, writers of fiction and nonfiction, journalists etc.

Language: English.


Agenda for two days (e.g.)

Agenda – Method Writing


Lecturer – Bo Skjoldborg

Is the author of 17 books within both fiction and non-fiction. He has been nominated for the Danish children’s literature award in 2016. His book on flow writing is currently in it’s 5th edition.
Bo Skjoldborg is also a seasoned lecturer on writing and writing processes, teaching employees in private and public companies, students at the National Film School of Denmark and aspiring writers in group sessions.

Have a look in ‘Flow Writing’ (English extract) – a book of Bo Skjoldborg

Contact info: kontakt@powerwriting.dk

Go to www.powerwriting.dk / www.boskjoldborg.dk (Danish only) for more information.